Top 10 FPS Games to Play in Quarantine

It's probably one of the most content field-free games you will ever find. There's a campaign, there are rains, there's PvP, there are random missions. There's a hub area to meet other players and a ton of other stuff Plus, this is one of those games where you can literally lose yourself just in the Customization and the grinding for new gear and guns, just like in Borderlands or the division. Well, it looks like we're in for the long haul now. That doesn't mean you can't have some fun while being quarantined and playing some good games.

I know a lot of you are doing what is up to everybody's chaos here today. I wanted to help you guys out a little bit, and I wanted to give you my 5 picks for the best FPS games, the best first-person shooter games to play specifically while you are in quarantine while you are at home.

These are games. Then we'll take up plenty of time that will keep you invested and take your mind off of other things, So you guys let me know what games are your favorites right now? And if they're not included on this list, put them in the comment section and drop alike.

DOOM Eternal

The first one is doom eternal, one of the biggest games so far in 2020. It had an explosive launch, and it's nowhere near being done—the sequel to doom 2016 now eternal features an even bigger campaign.

It's very robust, more detailed combat, and more Customization and secret hunting to add that replay value doom are all about private hunting. There's also a brand new multiplayer mode that has gotten somewhat mixed reviews. It usually would okay, but it's still pretty fun—those who really liked it.

They really liked it. Just like the other doom games, doom eternal is designed to be super Replayable, and since the campaign on its own can take you up around 12 hours. Well, you're gonna get your money's worth Plus, there's a single-player DLC coming very soon that you get to have even more demons to slay, so I recommend doom 2016 if you haven't played that yet, But doom eternal is also going to keep you busy for quite some time while you're stuck at home.

Team Fortress 2

Let's go way, way back. Team Fortress 2 one of the most popular games for over 12 years running, and there's a reason it is arguably the game that invented the hero shooter genre, and it's still one of the best class-based FPS games of all time.

Tf2 features a cast of characters for each team to pick from as you work together to try and accomplish objectives in a very fast-paced and explosive fun battlefield. The game is known for its excellent gameplay, but it is also an entertaining world, and it has very Memorable characters. There are a few online-only games.

It can manage to create such a gripping world, but Tf2 is still one of the best examples. Despite being released all the way back in 2007, it is still one of Steam's most popular games, and guess what? It is completely Free. Just try not to spend all your money on the hats. There has never been a better time right now than to do the entire.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Now it's kind of sad that this game launched way back in 2014, But it basically took 5 years to actually become what it was promised, but we have arrived here. Ok, no matter how you feel about it, It is one of the best things you can buy for your Xbox or pc. The game comes with halo 1 2 3 4 ODST and Reach, and they are all reoptimized for better resolution and higher frame rates than the originals and complete with their multiplayer Counterparts.

The Xbox one version of the MCC has all five games in the PC version, slowly adding them one by one so far. The PC has reaching combat Evolved, which is already a few dozen hours worth of content to keep you occupied. Now it's pretty awesome to get to play these classic games and to get to play with improved visuals and frame rates, and if you're on PC, you've got the halo 2 & 3 releases right around the corner.


valor --it now if you're lucky enough to get your hands on the closed beta Valerie is Riots new game that recently entered closed beta and the keys for the tactical shooters Some of the most highly sought-after things on the internet right now it is heavily inspired by csgo, and many people call it a blend of Counter-Strike and overwatch is the game plays almost a copy-paste of CS, but there are character abilities and Ultimates that you have to learn and master and Counter along the way just like overwatch or maybe even Rainbow six siege to an extent

The color for style also means they're going tons of skins coming down the pipeline Especially judging by the stuff riot is done in a legends valor league. It is pretty tough to get access to right now, and the beta isn't going to last forever, But you might as well give it a go.

There are a few ways to get your hands on the beta keys, Like signing up on their website or just watching streamers who give them out from time to time, So if you're interested in this new game, keep a lookout. Maybe you'll get lucky, and you'll get in there and get to play next up is destiny - now.

This game has had quite the redemption arc. It started out as one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Then it became one of the most hated games in the world because of its business practices. Bungie gave it a massive rebound after they split from Activision started handling business themselves. This online lunar shooter has a ton of content, and now it's free-to-play. It's probably one of the most content field-free games you will ever find there's a campaign.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

I mean, everybody's playing it, myself included. It's an obvious pick. It's free-to-play. It's a spinoff of modern warfare 2019 that comes with a massive battle royale mode and a respawn mode called plunder.

Warzone has been dominating twitch and YouTube career since it came out. It's recently been updated to keep things fresh with a new Loot pool that personally, I'm gonna be playing a ton of warzone.

I already have. It's been grabbing me up for a while and Definitely over other multiplayer games. The gunplay is good. There's a ton of stuff to unlock and grind for plenty of guns and attachments to experiment, and with how successful it's been, I Feel Activision in fitty Ward is only going to be adding more to it as we go.

They do need to fix the hacker issue, though. Even if you're not a Battle Royale person, I recommend Wars Oh, It's free-to-play. You might as well give it a shot, and it's true free-to-play, so you do not have to own modern warfare 2. Go download Warzone and play it right now.

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