Top 10 Android Games in 2020

With the dawn of the mobile gaming age, 2020 is looking like another good year for Android. Just halfway through the year, and it already has more than 200 titles to its name. Hi, this is Technical Micky, and these are the Top 10 Android Games of 2020 so far, arranged by User Score. The user score is an average of gamer and critic ratings. And with that, we’re starting our list with number 10.


What a mouthful of a title that is! Square Enix brings all your best-loved legendary FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains together in this turn-based combat. The twist in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is that this unique Bravery System will challenge you to balance the offensive and defensive moves as you build up your Bravery until the perfect moment to strike comes! Bring your best bud along so you can bringdown enemies and collect loot together. It has a user score of 8.2.

9: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

A wicked virus is spreading through the digital city, turning your favorite Disney characters against their own friends and family! It’s up to you now to put them together in teams and equip them with powerful gear to help them in the battle against all odds to save their fellow heroes. You’ll be face to face against other heroes. If you win against them, you’ll be rewarded with loot that you can use to further strengthen your team. What’s amazing about Disney Heroes is that there is no paywall. There’s always something to do in this RPG that has a User score of 8.22.


Yet another Final Fantasy game on our list! As the name suggests, this is a downsized,cutie-fied, smartphone tailored version of Final Fantasy XV. They cut up the 100-hour RPG down to 10 easy to digest chapters. You can play Chapter 1 for free. It’s up to you if you wanna continue. If you do, then you have to pay for the rest of the episodes. If you’re a fan of the full game and are hesitant to try this one, don’t be. This bite-sized version is tasty and has a User score of 8.27.

7: Caravan War: Heroes and Tower Defense

If you want to conquer the world, there’s one vital thing you must do: trade. To do that, you’ll need…. You guessed it, a caravan. Unfortunately, the world is treacherous, and sometimes, bad guys just wanna ruin your day by ambushing your caravan. This is where the tower defense part comes in. Build different types of towers to help you caravans pass through safely. Caravan War Heroes and Tower Defense have a User score of 8.35.

6: PUBG Mobile

Battle Royale is everywhere this year, and well, this one is one of the best -- if not the best of the best. We’ll see. You have to keep watching to know. The mobile version of Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds is awesome; some say it runs better than that of the Xbox version. If your android device meets PUBG Mobile requirements, you can play confidently in the 8x8 island filled with 100 players ready to kill each other and do whatever it takes to survive and become the last man standing. It has a user score of 8.42.


BANDAI NAMCO entertainment brings us DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, a card action battle game inspired by everyone’s childhood favorite, the Dragon Ball series. In this, you play as an all-new character in an all-new story that features Goku and all your favorite DB characters! You can also geek it out with other players in real-time worldwide versus battles. Anime fans, stop hesitating and start playing. Dragon Ball Legends has a User score of 8.43.

4: Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

Next on our list is a fast-paced strategy RPG set in the medieval fantasy realm of Might and Magic. Here, you can customize your hero, level him or her up, choose a house of magic, may it be Materia, Chimera, or Anima, and lastly, use the awesome mystical powers of your House to win against all in the arena. Of course, it’s not right to do all these alone. Collect fantastic beasts that you can keep as your companion and watch them grow from cute to legen--wait for it--dry levels. That meme is so dead, I’m sorry. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians has a User score of 8.43.

3: Major Mayhem 2

Fast-paced action fun involving guns, grenades, bazookas, and more? Sign me the heck up! This sequel improves on the original by having sniper rifles with scopes that actually work so you can hit targets from far away. There’s also an all-new offline mode so you can enjoy the major awesomeness to its full extent. There are lots to enjoy here, like the aforementioned weapons, to complement your play style as you go on to your adventures around the world and even the moon! Major Mayhem 2 is still being actively developed even until now, so expect more awesomeness to come in the future. For now, it has a User score of 8.47.

2: Sdorica -SunSet-

This one is quite… interesting. It mixes different ideas -- it has RPG elements and puzzles, a bit of violence, and a gorgeous anime art style. The end result is pretty amazing. It’s is a match-stuff RPG. Your character’s moves are dependent on what color the crystals you match are. If you think it’s all about luck, think again. There’s a fair bit of strategy required in it. Sdorica -sunset- is free to play and has a User Score of 8.52

1: Shadowgun Legends

Does this game need any introduction? Shadowgun Legends has been featured on our lists ever since it came out in March. That’s because it’s an extremely fun top lay. It’s free to play RPG where you take on the role of a Shadowgun. A legendary warrior tasked to save humanity from the invading aliens. Are you up for the task of saving the world? Shadowgun Legends has a User score of 8.65.

And those were the Top 10 Android games of 2020 so far. Did your favorites make it? Do you have any other violent reaction? Do you like our new background? You can comment to us and tell us

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