Call Of Duty: Can Mobile Take Place of PC Versions?

Call of Duty already has some mobile games in the gaming franchise. But these games were not too popular due to some reasons. In the past, we had seen some mobile games by the call of duty franchise like call of duty zombies. This game contains many tactical equipment types and many more features to be described, but it was a single-player game. A huge mobile crowd wanted a multiplayer game from the call of duty franchise.

Call of duty franchise also knows the immense popularity of Battle Royale games like Fortnite on Mobile and PUBG Mobile. On the back of the huge popularity of these free to play multiplayer games, Call of duty Mobile released. Activision and Chinese game developer company Tencent developed Call of Duty Mobile, developed by TiMi studios for mobile seeking platforms and Android and ios.

Call of Duty Mobile Official Trailer

5V5 Multiplayer Match

5v5 Multiplayer Match of call of duty mobile is made for the short session as this match stands for only a few minutes. Both teams contain five players in his match, and they have to kill each other till one team reaches the maximum kill points set for the match. You can also play 5v5 against your friends, which is an excellent update. You can get many guns in this mode, and you can change a gun when you get killed. For me, Personally 5v5 is a good update in COD Mobile.

Over All Review

Call of Duty mobile is overall a great multiplayer game. Call of Duty franchise shifted their controls from physical items to touch screen, which is too difficult, and still, they are trying to make some changing to make game controls more good-looking and well-mannered. Ont the other hand, they are also working too hard to make games more smooth and less lagging. They are also updating anti-cheating systems day by day to remove all the cheaters from the game.

All over the above in graphics, it cannot compete with PC Call of Duty games in graphics and features. One of the main is that they are professional in making PC games, and shifting these controls on a touch device is too difficult for them. But they are still trying their best to make the game world best in all qualities.

As one of its competitors, PUBG Mobile is nowadays banned in many countries, which can be a breakthrough for COD Mobile to get over there and become the most popular mobile game. Call of duty mobile players is increasing day by day, which is very satisfying for the franchise.

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