8 Best Rockstar Games for Android and iOS

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1.GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas Return to the game-changing streets of San Andres, and pretend it’s 2004 again, with the mobile port for GTA: San Andres. This fully Remastered, improved resolution port was built specifically for mobile.

This is one of Rockstar’s more impressive mobile options- featuring over 70 hours of gameplay, allowing you to have Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas in the palm of your hand…literally. Drive, Bike, abuse hookers in a mobile game that my mom calls “inappropriate to play at your niece’s baptism,” which, to be fair, I probably could have turned the sound off.

All jokes aside, the game performs flawlessly as a mobile option, and with a $6.99 price tag for Android and iOS, you definitely get to bang for your buck. Bully Don’t feel like driving down sidewalks, watching pedestrians bounce off the hood, and go under the tires? Return to your high-school days of causing havoc in Bull worth in the world of Bully.

2.GTA III: Welcome to Liberty City

GTA III Welcome to Liberty City- where it all began. GTA III is available on iOS and Android. GTA III is probably one of the most influential games of all time. For its time, no-one has the 3-D graphics and the map size that GTA III had. Revisiting the world on mobile feels like a match made in heaven. Most mobile phones can easily run the game, and the HD remaster, and optimized touch controls really help remind us how great this game was.

GTA III is a frequent flyer when it comes to mentions as people’s favorite game of all time, and some call it one of the best games ever made. Rockstar’s jump into sprawling, story-rich, open worlds can be traced back to this game. This game is a must-play, and being available on mobile makes that all the easier.

3.Max Payne

Mobile Max Payne’s bullet-time is one of the most iconic video game abilities ever made. The slow-motion, cinematic gunplay won the original game multiple games of the year awards and even helped inspire the Matrix movie. So, the argument could be made that without the Max Payne game, Keanu Reeves may not have become the phenom he is today.

If you love Keanu Reeves, you have to love Max Payne. The mobile version ads HD Resolution and relatively okay touch screen control. To get the full Max Payne experience, throw on your best Mark Wahlberg impression and connect a Bluetooth controller.

This is also a PSA that when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, a member of the Funky Bunch was known as Hector the Booty Inspector…and while unrelated, it makes me very happy.

4.GTA: China Town Wars

GTA Chinatown Wars Originally for the PSP and Nintendo DS, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is fully mobile. The game was designed around the touch-screen, allowing for specific gameplay and interaction with objects that the other GTA games didn’t have the capability to do. With the mobile version getting full access to the Radio Stations from the PSP version, the sounds of Liberty City can be your life’s new soundtrack as well.

The original game was claimed as “ a masterpiece of handheld gaming” by IGN UK, and the mobile option only improves on that statement. This game was designed to be a mobile phone game; they just didn’t know it yet!

5.GTA: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories The coolest part of GTA: Liberty City Stories, unfortunately, didn’t make it to mobile. Rockstar’s custom soundtracks feature in the OG game made this game so much fun. Luckily, with the mobile version, you can turn off the music in settings, and bump whatever music floats your boat.

The game is a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III and gives Toni Cipriani’s appearance in GTA III all the more interesting. With shorter, streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this game becomes a great choice when you’ve got time to kill. And hookers to kill. That seems to be a staple of GTA.

6.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Welcome to the ’80s. A time full of glam metal, Cabbage Patch Kids, and the rise of the Crack epidemic. GTA: Vice City sends you into the city for a tale full of murder, drug deals, and terrible hairstyles. The mobile port gives you the full experience.

Part of that experience is the terrible controls-but to be fair, the controls for this game were notoriously garbage before it was ported to mobile- so…I guess it’s a feature of Vice City. This game is one of my favorite GTAs, simply because of the massive controversy this game stirred up. Rockstar is the bad-boy of the gaming industry, and this game had suburban moms up in arms.

Art is supposed to cause a reaction, and if suburban moms have no ability to see the art in selling crack and running over pedestrians-than, this art degree was useless!

7.The Warriors

The ’70s are back, and the New York street gangs are out for a good rumble! The Warriors is a beat-em-up originally released on PS2 and Xbox in 2005. Play as the street gang accused of a murder they didn’t commit, with the original film’s actors providing voiceover for your whole adventure. The fighting mechanics in this game make you feel like a certified bad-ass.

Rockstar likes to keep you morally reprehensible, allowing you to engage in all sorts of petty crime, including muggings, stealing car stereos, lockpicking, and tagging graffiti! The mobile emulation feels fitting to mobile gaming, and the graffiti writing has never felt smoother.

8.Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 is the mobile Rockstar game for you. Manhunt 2 is pretty much the prime example used by anti-video-game legislators and concerned mothers. There are three 'levels' of execution in this stealth-horror game, with each level progressively more violent and graphic than the last.

Level1 (Hasty) executions are quick and not very bloody, Level 2 (Violent) are considerably gorier, and Level 3 (Gruesome) are over-the-top gore shows. I love them. Middle-America did not. Few other games let you play as an escaped psych inmate turned slasher villain- and I, personally, find it no worse than any 80’sslasher film.

But, I love horror- and most people try to stop things that scare them, even if that’s what the game was supposed to do. Well- that’s about all the crime I can legally show you before becoming an accomplice! So always remember what GTA and Rockstar have taught us, it’s okay to fight the system, sidewalks are effective roadways, and snitches get stitches.

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