What is Discord? How Gamers Use it?

Hello everyone, welcome to our site. Here is a basic and useful guide for people who are new on Discord. I will upload more advanced tutorials in the upcoming articles. But first, I want to explain how to use this application.

You may want to use Discord because you need to make a voice call with your friends, search for a better alternative for Skype, or maybe you want to explore various servers. I will cover them on different topics. Let’s get started!

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat application that supports text, voice chat, and video calls. Originally it has been designed specifically for video game players, but now it’s widely used worldwide, also free to download. Many gamers are there, which streams many hours a day, and they also want to remain connected with their friends, so discord is the best thing to do so.

How to set up Discord?

If you haven’t installed the Discord application yet, follow these steps.

  • Search for discord in the search bar
  • Open the official discord website
  • Here will be a download button
  • Press enter
  • Click download for windows
  • Then after downloading install and run the application
  • Then sign into discord, and that's it.

How to connect with friends

Okay, you will get a screen when you log in to the application for the first time, and there are no friends. But how can your friends find you? Go to user settings at the left down corner. As you see, there is your username following with four numbers. This is your Discord Tag. People will find you by this tag. You can share it with your friends by right click and copy it.

Next step, how can you add your friends to your list? Click the green Add Friend button at the top. Write or copy-paste the Discord Tag of your friend. Click Send Friend Request. Then you need to wait for them to accept the request.

Voice Calls by Discord

Now you have your friends on the list. If you want to text them, just click on their profile. To begin a voice call, click the Start Voice Call button at the top. Now they see and hear the incoming call on their screen. When they join, you are free to speak and text with them. If you want to add more friends to the call, click Add Friends to DM button and select the friends you want to add.

The buttons at the left down have useful functions. The Mute button mutes your microphone, and your friends will not hear you. Click again to Unmute. The Deafen button both closes your microphone and speaker, so you won’t hear your friends, and they won’t hear you either. It is basically like leaving the call, but it is useful when you go away from the keyboard for a few minutes. Click again to Undeafen.

You can turn your camera on and off by clicking the Video button. You can adjust the volume of each member on call by right-clicking them. Just scroll the dot at the User Volume menu. You can also mute specific members if you don’t want to hear them.

How to Share Screen?

If you want to show something on your screen, click Turn on Screen Share. You can adjust if you want to share your entire screen or a single application at the top. Stream Quality is for resolution, and Frame Rate is for smoothness of the stream. You don’t have to change them, just click Share and start streaming your screen. Now they can see what you’re doing even if you work on a different application.

You can end it by clicking Stop Streaming and Stop sharing your screen. If you want to leave the call, click Disconnect.

How to Join Servers

If you received a link like that, you could join the server by clicking the Join button. It doesn’t have to be sent on Discord. The links also work on WhatsApp, Youtube, or other websites. This is an example of a crowded server.

Let me explain the interface. On the right side, you see the online members; they may be grouped according to their roles just like that. On the left side, you see the text and voice channels. You can click on text channels to switch to another one. You can read and send texts here. You can join voice channels just by clicking on them. Now you can hear other people in the same voice chatroom, and they can hear you too.

The voice chatrooms work almost the same as the regular calls you do with your friends. The only differences are; the profiles appear at the left, not the middle. And the Screen Share button is moved to the left bottom. That’s all. One little useful trick, you can switch between text chatrooms when you’re connected to a voice chatroom.

Other Things to Know

Even checking out the other servers will not interfere with your voice call. Since you have added your friends and joined a server, you may want to show your availability to people if you’re OK to get messages and calls at the moment. At the left down corner, click your profile picture. You can set your current status here. Online means are available. Idle means you may not be able to answer the messages and calls. Use it when you are away from the keyboard.

If you choose Do Not Disturb, you will not get distracted by notifications. If you don’t want to appear as online, choose Invisible. You can reach everything as normal when this one is selected. Finally, you can set a custom mood here and set a disappear time for it.

If you haven’t invited to any server but still want to explore them. You can click the compass button here to see the public servers you may want to join. Well, I have explained the most important parts of the Discord App that a newcomer must know. Don't forget to comment

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