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Anyone who wants to be constantly energized professionally in a positive sense can come to terms with a promising business idea for setting up a business in a highly sought-after trade. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an electrician would like to take over the house installation of electrical systems for his future customers. This requires basic knowledge of electrostatics and electrodynamics. For an electrician, the master exam is the first step towards self-employment. Only then can it go to founding your own company. The competent Chamber of Crafts is happy to inform you about everything to consider in the the run-up to the start-up and provides many useful tips, such as support programs that can be used to assist you.

Starting a Business as An Electrician: Make Your Own Business With High Voltage!
  •     Opportunities for start-up as an electrician?
  •     Establish electrician: strategic decisions
  •     solid business base: win customers as independent electricians
  •     future-oriented business orientation with innovations
  •     Requirements to become self-employed as an electrician
  •     Merit as a self-employed electrician

Analysis Of The Starting Position

For 2017, statistics in Germany show just over 60,000 electricians. The number has therefore been falling since 2014 (61,724 specialist companies). These figures make it clear that the business idea of ​​being self-employed as an electrician is not self-fulfilling. The competition is very large depending on the location so that a competitive analysis must be a solid basis for making business decisions. Also, disappearing companies in the market are testifying that the competition is very tough. Those who are not strategically smart and, above all, sustainably placed, will not be able to hold their own in the face of competition. In this respect, the business plan must lay the foundations for sustainable development in every business area. If the competitive analysis shows numerous competitors, a strategic differentiation is necessary. With their own business startup as an electrician then specialist services should be offered, which does not offer the competition in this form.

Demand for The Expertise of Independent Electricians?

As no electricity is available in modern households and businesses, repairs and maintenance automatically result in orders. Anyone who sees themselves exposed to a great competition must be perceived to be better in order to win contracts. In addition, the demand for professional electrical installation services should be discussed at the selected location. The range of services should be adapted to it, whereby, of course, the own professional expertise of the founder must also be visible. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an electrician must distinguish himself as an experienced and reliable specialist.

Establish Electrician: Strategic Decisions

If a location for founding a business is found to be an electrician, the business alignment must be substantiated on the basis of the competition analysis and the demand situation. Should an electrician be set up for private or commercial customers? The latter case is especially useful if there is an industrial area with numerous companies in the area. It would also be conceivable to win municipalities or various social institutions as customers. Especially in the initial phase, cooperations make sense to ensure high capacity utilization. Anyone who would like to become self-employed as an electrician in the light of this, should seek the conversation with real estate managers or owners. If something is broken in the electrical system in an apartment, it resorted to a permanent specialist. If you are a strategic partner of several administrations in this regard, you can hope for a steady order situation. There are also follow-up orders for upcoming modernization.

How Should Self-Employment Look Like an Electrician?

As a fundamental strategic 'decision' the scope of business must be clarified in the scope of business and calculated accordingly financially. In view of the enormous competition, it would be difficult to become self-employed as a lone fighter in the electrical trade. As a rule, a small electrician will have to be set up to implement this business idea. Alone, to be able to rely on certain manpower and technical resources for larger orders in the business customer area. If you hire specialist staff, you can also choose a broader one.

Offer a range of services, as the different qualification horizons can be complementary. The same applies to the strategic option of joining forces with several electricians to form a larger company. Risks are lowered for the individual and at the same time, greater financial leeway can be used. Transparency and predictability require a detailed social contract in this scenario.

Build The Business Solidly

 If you want to put your business on a solid footing, you have to work carefully in the planning phase. An electrician who wants to become self-employed does not have an easy job: The competition is big and so building up your own company is not easy everywhere. The family often makes further demands. If these remain unfulfilled for too long, the founder of the business runs the risk that he will eventually be alone. Anyone who manages to combine the requirements for setting up a business with the demands of the family can assert itself better and provides security for its existence.

Gain New Customers - Long Term

Craftsmen are selected in Germany, above all, according to the recommendations of friends or good reviews on the Internet, says a study. Advertisements that are published in newspapers or on websites, on the other hand, bring quite a few customers. Basically, a customer who comes from himself and out of his own conviction is the best. In addition: Who is recommended by other people, has no own costs.

Especially at the beginning of self-employment, it proves to be a good opportunity to view and accept orders via the Internet. Here you can present your company with an electronic business card and get to potential clients (new customers).

Cover Future-Oriented Innovations With our Range of Services

It has already been mentioned that in the event of a strained competitive situation, specialist specialization is very sensible. From an economic point of view, this specialization should also be innovative and future-oriented in order to lay the foundation for a sustainable growth strategy right from the start. In this sense, apart from various electrical installations and maintenance/repair work, the strategic focus should be on renewable energies. With photovoltaic systems and modern storage technology, self-employed electricians can win many new customers now and in the near future, as the economic benefits of such an investment always pay off. Of course, this requires that appropriate expertise exists for a promising specialization. In view of the formal hurdles outlined below, setting up a business as an electrician must be planned for the long term. So there is enough time to prepare yourself for future topics. Continuing training will be an important part of self-employment anyway, in order to always offer customers the best solutions in the field of electronic installations.

Requirements To Become Self-Employed as An Electrician

Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an electrician will practice a craft (electrical trade). In this respect, a look into the relevant craft order is required. Annex A of the craft code indicates that it is a handicraft requiring a license. This means that a self-employed professional is required to hold a master's degree in electrical engineering. The legislator wants to maintain quality standards since work on the electrical system is always safety-relevant in nature. The master duty, in turn, has the advantage of being able to train even in the company. Given the skills shortage in science subjects, this should be seen as a clear advantage. Anyone wishing to set up a specialist electrician must register a trade before commencing business activities. Decisive for this electrical trade is paragraph 106 of the Trade Regulation. There, it is regulated in detail for which specialist services in the field of electrical installation a license must be obtained. Above all, power installations, fire alarm systems, and lightning protection systems are moving into focus here.

Self-Employed as an Electrician Without a Master Title?

In the principle, it has become possible as a result of legislative initiatives to become self-employed even without a master title as an electrician. In this scenario, journeymen must have 6 years of work experience, of which 4 years must be spent in a managerial position. Alternatively, it is possible to set a master electrician in a managerial position, which, however, weakening one's own position during operation. Anyone who wants to be the master of the situation should aspire to the title of master immediately after completing vocational training. Master training has the advantage that many topics are taught for management. The entire business idea can thus be put on a sound basis.

Cost Planning - What is Needed

Although a the self-employed electrician does not need much in addition to his tools, his work clothes and a company car, but already the title is high investment in your own self-employment, which can cost up to 15,000 euros. Above all, customers in Germany attach great importance to the quality of craftsmanship with their master craftsman certificate. It really pays to invest in your own education before it starts to make money. A lot of support can be provided by the local Chamber of Crafts: this help should not be missed by a young entrepreneur. Those who do their jobs alone have fewer costs, can work relatively cheap and offer lower prices to customers. If the jobs become more and can no longer be mastered alone, it often gets more complicated. Employees rarely work on-site, but take care of the organization and acquisition in the office.

Earn as an Independent Electrician?

Anyone who decides against a permanent position and consciously for self-employment as an electrician will certainly have financial aspects in mind. How much do you earn as a self-employed electrician? Current figures of give a self-employed in this area a monthly salary range between 3,000 and 4,200 euros. In addition to regional cost factors, earning capacity and economic management play key roles in earning potential. Who calculates hourly rates or fixed prices for certain projects/work, should do so well. An hourly wage of 80 euros as an example may sound very high, but all costs must be covered. What remains is a range from which one's own wages are paid out. Of course, there should still be a profit to be able to reinvest financial resources or to increase reserves and equity as a financial. It is in the nature of things that the pay for self-employed electricians in the early stages of start-up will be rather small. With regard to good earning potential as an independent electrician, it is important to establish oneself in the market, to build up a customer base and thus to ensure a full order book in the long term.

What Else Should Be Considered

Often the work does not break off in the start-up phase. There is also worked through once, and turned the night into day. Nevertheless, everyone should remember that he also needs breaks and recovery. There should also be some time left for the family. Professional coaching sponsored by the Chamber of Crafts help immensely to master the challenges of the founding period well.
The short summary for the business idea, self-employment as an electrician '

1: In recent years, the number of electricians has fallen slightly, the market is characterized by much competition

2: For a smart strategic positioning of one's own business idea, a sound competition and competition analysis must be carried out in the business plan
3: In addition, numerous business decisions have to be worked out in the business plan, which makes clear the scope and profitability of this business idea
4: In addition to a certain degree of specialization, the range of professional services should also be geared to innovative future technologies in order to grow with the opportunities of the times (keywords renewable energy and storage technology)
5: A handicraft subject to approval (see Annex A of the Handwriting): Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an electrician must be able to register a trade and be able to prove a master's degree. Alternatively, a multi-year professional experience can be recognized or a master can be hired in a managerial position
6: The self-employed often literally get energized, especially in the initial phase: Therefore, it is important to balance a high workload with an individual work-life balance with regard to one's own well-being.

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