Micky GSM Pack v2 By M.Waqas Qamar Free Download

As you all know that in the previous version of Micky GSM setup we have mentioned all the essential software that you need to start it. Similarly, in the present release, we have again made six packs named as Micky GSM v2.  This tool helps you in the flashing of your mobile phones and tablets. It also resolves the problems of locking by unlocking the phone. You should disable your anti-virus before downloading of the tool. By using this tool, you will also be able to bypass FRP on the phones of Samsung and android Motorola. 

Working on Micky GSM Pack v2

To run the software, you first have to open it. You are advised not to change the password mentioned there. When you open, the different toolboxes will appear there. As soon as you click the first box, the SPT Box will run which is a Samsung professional tool. It supports all mobile phones of Samsung and fixes all the issues in them. It is an excellent tool for Samsung phones. Similarly, when you click the second box mentioned there a box of Pegasus will be opened. In this way, you can use all of the software of Micky GSM v2.

Micky GSM Pack v2 By M.Waqas Qamar

You should disable your anti-virus before downloading the tool. If you do not disable or turn it off, there are chances that it will hinder the process of downloading and installation. Therefore to avoid any trouble, you are required to off it.  This tool is straightforward to use. There are no complications in it at all. Here I forgot to tell you that to run the android flash tool you need to connect your computer to the internet because its working is connected with the support from the different countries. Though it will get a start soon, it will show error in the further processing and will demand from you to connect to the internet. I must tell you that this is a great tool which can perform incredible functioning for you.

Downloading and Installation of Micky GSM Pack v2

01: To download the tool you will go the link given for downloading on the website. As soon as you click it, an ad will appear on screen with the name of adfly. You have to skip this add by clicking the button mentioned there.  By selecting right click on the option of skip add you will be directed to the page of the software where you can download it

Micky GSM Pack v2 By TechnicalMicky.CoM

02: It is very easy to download it. There will be mentioned five buttons on the website of the software. In those, the above three buttons such as Google drive, upload.cc and upload.4ever can be used to download the tool

03: After downloading you have to complete its setup. Its set up file takes almost seven hundred MB. After installing the installation on your computer, you have to open it. A box will appear on the screen. From the box displayed on the screen, you will copy its password

04: In the next step you will right-click the setup and go to the option of extract. There you have to select the desktop and paste the password that you have copied earlier

05: When you will give the password further progress will start. When the process of extracting will come to an end a folder related to the tool will appear on the screen

06: By clicking the folder you will open the icon of Micky GSM v2. Again a box will appear, and you have to click the option of next. After this selects the statement of I agree and accept the terms. Again click the option of next, and it will ask password from you

07: Paste the password that you copied in the previous section and press next

08: If you want to create the folder in the start menu then tick the empty box mentioned in the corner. If you do not want to create the new folder, then leave it blank and select next

09: In next step tick the option of creating desktop and select next

10: Then click the option of next, and the process of installation will start to run on the screen of your computer

11: When the installation will complete selecting the option to finish, and it will be installed on your computer

12: An icon of the tool will be created on the desktop. Open it and start to use it. This is the complete process of its downloading

13: Hope you will enjoy its newly designed features

Download Links: { Click Here }
Password: www.TechnicalMicky.com
Price: Free
Size: 700MB

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