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UFI box is a compelling software and hardware tool. If you need a tool that can read EMMC data and do every kind of changes on EMMC, UFi box is the software you are looking for. It has a lot of options, and this software is highly functional. It can repair, read, write, resize, format and even update the firmware on EMMC on many phones. It applies to Samsung, Hynix, Micron, and Toshiba and on China phones.

UFI Box Crack Setup

UFi Box can repair the software and unlock the phone’s operating system. UFi box can fix EMMC on the phone. It can even Resize EMMC and format it as well. You can write full data and erase it entirely through UFi android toolbox. You can Read boot1 and Read boot 2 through this software. You can also read EXT CSD by UFi dongle. By using UFi dongle, you can read the user data and even make changes to it or extract it from the device. Firmware is one of the most critical elements that operate the hardware of the phone. Through UFi box flasher you can find out the problem in firmware and resolve it quickly. You can even update the firmware so that it increases the compatibility of latest applications.

Advantages Of UFI Box

UFi box does not rely on any other developers’ software. It is very independent of any other source to be fully functional. It is a stand-alone software. The display is made very easy so that a new person can easily understand it. It does not mean that the software is not technically advanced. A very technologically advance software with an easy display, and the user manual is what UFi Box is all about. Just a single click and it will happen the entire configuration on its own.

It supports a database of almost every type of IC EMMC. All of the EMMC included in UFi Box are included in the software. It covers many brands IC EMMC such as Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba, Micron and other such brands. UFi box uses an 8-bit interface that is faster than other boxes that offer the same services. It also supports the use, use of support and installation by practitioners without any lag or problem.

UFI Box Crack Features

UFI Box Software Features

This software is very functional. This much function makes it a universal software platform which has the lowest cost in the market. This software is very user-friendly, and it can work standalone. The software has a secure and robust platform. It is integrated with server-based security. Server-based security means that this software would have online check all of the time to resolve any problems if the user faces any. It is frequently updated so that it can solve all the latest issues that are arising in the phones. It has the synchronizing function for files. The synchronizing is done through the integrated operating system in it. 

The UFi software is basically developed on Windows 7 64 bit, but it can still work on all other windows versions as well.

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