Infinity Chinese Miracle 2 RDA/Coolsand Full Setup

After all, Chinese Miracle 2 is released for the Coolsand CPU. Now you can flash your phone by connecting to Coolsand Mobil. 

Before this, Chinese Miracle 2 used to work for every computer but not for Coolsand, but now this bug has been fixed, along with all the errors have also been fixed. 

Now you can download Chinese Miracle 2 RDA / Coolsand from the link below which is an updated infinity cm2 dongle latest setup. 

Infinity Chinese Miracle 2 Crack

You must know that the Chinese Miracle 2 is a useful tool if you have used it earlier, but if you have not used the Chinese Miracle 2 before, then read next. 

What is Chinese Miracle 2?

The Chinese Miracle 2 is a tool that you can use to fix every error related to your phone.

It makes it easy to fix every kind of phone problem like IMEI edit, flashing of the phone, installing a new os on the phone, memory edit, software and hardware info, ROM setting and etc.

How To Use?

01: So first you have to download cm2 dongle setup on your Coolsand mobile phone. 

02: Then it has to be installed, and USB drivers must be connected to create a secure connection between the two.

03:  Now you have to turn off your phone by removing your phone battery and then connect your phone to Coolsand CPU with the help of a data cable. 

04:  After this, put the battery and turn on the phone. 

05: Now they will ask to enable USB debugging or phone storage but nothing you have to select. 

06: If the option of USB download is visible, it means your phone is connected otherwise it has not joined. 

07: Now it will ask you to provide USB drive, open USB download will be written on the phone in case if it is going to connect with the Coolsand CPU. 

08: So if you do not update or install the driver, then your phone will not be connected. 

09: So by flashing your phone first make sure that you have installed the correct USB driver. 

10: If you have installed the correct USB driver, then it will give you an option USB driver in the computer device manager,

11: You can also install or update the USB driver by going to the CM2 setup and clicking on the update driver. 

12: Just check the USB button and read the info button and click on the Start button if it shows an error message then uninstall the driver again and install it manually, not from Chinese Miracle 2. 

13: When you click the Start button again, after updating a driver, he will give you an option that your phone is connecting to Coolsand Computer. 

Now you can do anything on your phone like if you need to change your phone's IMEI number then click on the IMEI edit, if you want to update your phone's firmware stock or custom then you can do it Depends on you completely. So download friends from Chinese Miracle-2 RDA / Coolsand from the download link below.

I think that you would have liked this post related to infinity box Chinese miracle crack, if you want, then share this post and if any problem comes, comment down in the comment box below.

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Size: 7MB

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