Volcano Box 2.2.9 Crack Setup Without Box


Volcano Box 2.2.9 Latest Crack Updates

Volcano Box 2.2.9 Crack is considered one of the best tool that has integrated software that can read and write the firmware and operating system of the phones. It is applicable on many phones such as Samsung, LG, MTK devices. Volcano box crack setup is available on the website that means that you can use the latest version of Volcano box free. Volcano box setup is easy to install and can be established in all of the windows versions from XP to Windows 10.

Here is mention some of the essential features of volcano box that makes it one of the best tool for Android phones.

Volcano Box 2.2.9 Features

Detects The Phone:
Sometimes you need to know the CPU that your phones have inside it. You cannot get it from other sources or procedure. It has the feature that can detect the phone that is connected to volcano box. The process of identifying the CPU cannot be more straightforward. You just need to select the auto to detect CPU from detect type panel. Then you need to press and hold the power button of your phone, and it will recognize your phone CPU. The detecting of a phone would be from TX RX.

Finding Boot Pin:
You may know the pinouts for some phones. So you do not need to waste time on understanding the pinouts. Volcano box has the option of manually selecting pinouts. If you know the pinouts, you just have to choose, drag and drop your required pin feature. You only need to press set pinout after doing it. Your phone will be ready to service according to your desire.

Other Features:
Volcano Box 2.2.9 has other small features which are very functional and of great use when you need them. It has the option to set resistance and many others. It has the function of pulling up or pulling down the pin to your phone bootable.

Volcano Box 2.2.9 can set the compatibility of any USB and com cables with your phone. You need to set correct pinout and then press select pinout now. Your volcano box will work with your USB cable from now on.
Volcano Box Crack
Volcano Box 2.2.9 is applicable and supports almost all of the MTK phones that are old and as well as the latest MTK phones. It has various features and functions for MTK computers and phones. The newest MTK phones are supported by Volcano box, so you do not need to have separate tools for every phone.

There are numerous of features that you can avail through MTK tab of your volcano box. It can Read info, write info, read flash, write flash, format your phone, and unlock the user-code for your phone. It can even extract the phone book and mobile internal information and save it. It can clean or repair the Bad IMEI of MTK computers and phones. It can be very applicable to fix the signal issue on your phone. 

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